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Horse Racing: Secret To Start Making Money Using The Win Position

Sat ,24/01/2015

To start making money in racing for most players is to start with a small bankroll (Sustain Investment Money or SIM) of $20-$500. This is nothing to big spenders. The easiest position to get is the win position which is easier than getting place, show, fourth and fifth positions. Easier but not a cinch or a 100% deal. There are about a dozen and a half simple things listed in this article that’ll help the player get started. They take up both halves of racing which is: profitcapping (money-capping or return on investment capping) and handicapping. You must obtain more knowledge of each one. The player must grasp the probability of all plays made and how to step up profit potential by multiplying the base ticket price.

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Horse Racing: How To Play The Pick 4

Fri ,16/01/2015

How to play the pick 4 is a little easier than playing the pick 6. Not that much easier but easier. To make money playing the pick 4 you must first know how much money is in this specific investment wager to be made. For that the player must know how the money flows in this wager type. Which is by card size. (1) the money for the pick 4 flows by race card size. A race card is the number of races per day at a specific track. (2) card sizes are made of races and each race is made of a field size. Knowing this helps immensely because these two things gives the player a base to structure the pick 4 within.

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Horse Racing: How To Play The Pick 6 With A Few Pointers

Wed ,14/01/2015

The Pick 6 is a difficult wager to win which would allow a player to make large amounts of money from it. In this article a few things are covered which helps to bring this investment type under some control. One of the main things to know is that the pick 6 like all other wagers have two halves. The money half and the racing contest half. For the money half or moneycapping side the money flows by race card size. On the handicapping or racing contest side all the player must do is pick only the win position horses of six consecutive races or select six horses to win out of the total number of horses of all six races combined. Such as select 6 horses out of 48 or 52 or 56, etc.

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Horse Racing Distance and Surface Switches That Pay Off

Wed ,07/01/2015

The challenge of handicapping a horse race is increased by the many variables the would-be prognosticator encounters. Horses may be returning to the races after a layoff and may or may not be fit enough to compete. Jockeys get off one mount to ride another and weights carried may also vary from race to race. Horses going from one barn to another may pose a serious problem for the handicapper, too. When horses switch from running on one type of surface to another the handicapper has to decide if it will have an impact on the runner.

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Horse Racing: The Importance Of Seeking Value, Price And Profitcapping In Racing

Sat ,03/01/2015

The purpose of racing is to make money. To do this the player must do two things well: profitcap and handicap. Both are equally important because each one is 50% of the game. Profitcapping is grasping the structure of how the money flows in the game and handicapping is grasping the structure of how to predict the outcome of racing contests. When you seek ‘value’ you’re profitcapping and value must be sought per race by understanding the tote board odds which is the public’s handicapping. The tote odds indicates if the payouts will pay more than you’ll put in by buying tickets and if the horse deserves those specific odds the public has given it compared to your own created handicap and profitcap odds.

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Horse Racing: The Secret Of The Importance Of Carefully Picking The Specific Tracks You’ll Play

Sat ,27/12/2014

To make it more probable that you’ll make money in racing you need to grasp the secret of the importance of carefully picking the specific tracks you’ll play. There are 2-3 firm reasons for this which will be written in this article. The player need to pick 1-4 tracks forever. Because not choosing your tracks carefully is one of the main reasons racing seems so hard and because the player is spreading his or her efforts and energies thin by playing so many different tracks. Most players consider (from studying them) most or all tracks to be identical in complexity. When in fact they aren’t and these minor differences in each track’s make up is paramount to know and is to be considered as aspects of horse racing strategy and horse betting strategy.

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Australian Horseracing – Part 5: Non Handicap Races in Australia

Tue ,23/12/2014

Horse race bettors across the world have an advantage over the handicapper when betting in races where the handicapper has either minimal or no say at all into weight allocation. A brief history of Henry Rous, the inventor of the weight for age scale and discussion of how the scale operates in Australia.

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Australian Horseracing – Part 4: Bookmakers And The Australian Racetrack Betting Ring

Tue ,23/12/2014

In Australia the betting market is initially determined by bookmakers. The odds and their percentages at the lesser tracks are a problem for the bettor. This article shows where variances in odds can occur and highlights the remarkable ability bettors have in sorting orders of favouritism.

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Horse Racing: The Secret Of The Complexity Of Racing Because Of Handicapping And Profitcapping

Wed ,17/12/2014

The main reason racing’s complex is because you’re trying to predict the resulting behavior of two animals: horses and humans in a racing contest with partially inaccurate limited information. The odds in racing are low so the player believes that money would be easy to make and this isn’t the case. Racing odds are small but racing’s complex and a lottery’s odds are astronomical but the lottery is simple as a game. To make money in racing a player must know how to simplify the game to its minimum simplicity. The author of this article has done some of this difficult work for the player. This means racing’s made of two main parts: profitcapping (the money side) and handicapping (the racing contest side). Racing being made of two things or two parts is as simple as it gets.

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Horse Racing Handicapping Factors By Track And Season

Tue ,16/12/2014

We often get carried away with generalizations about handicapping factors and races. For instance, while we all know that early speed is very important in races for young horses, especially fillies, it doesn’t mean that it has the same impact value at Belmont that it has at Aqueduct. Each track, whether a big venue like the New York tracks or Southern California tracks or smaller regional tracks has its own characteristics. That hasn’t changed over the years even though simulcasting and internet wagering have changed handicapping and the way we play the horses.

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