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Horse Racing: The Secret Of The Complexity Of Racing Because Of Handicapping And Profitcapping

     Posted on Wed ,17/12/2014 by admin

The main reason racing’s complex is because you’re trying to predict the resulting behavior of two animals: horses and humans in a racing contest with partially inaccurate limited information. The odds in racing are low so the player believes that money would be easy to make and this isn’t the case. Racing odds are small but racing’s complex and a lottery’s odds are astronomical but the lottery is simple as a game. To make money in racing a player must know how to simplify the game to its minimum simplicity. The author of this article has done some of this difficult work for the player. This means racing’s made of two main parts: profitcapping (the money side) and handicapping (the racing contest side). Racing being made of two things or two parts is as simple as it gets.

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Horse Racing Handicapping Factors By Track And Season

     Posted on Tue ,16/12/2014 by admin

We often get carried away with generalizations about handicapping factors and races. For instance, while we all know that early speed is very important in races for young horses, especially fillies, it doesn’t mean that it has the same impact value at Belmont that it has at Aqueduct. Each track, whether a big venue like the New York tracks or Southern California tracks or smaller regional tracks has its own characteristics. That hasn’t changed over the years even though simulcasting and internet wagering have changed handicapping and the way we play the horses.

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Wheeling the Daily Double Horse And Value Bets

     Posted on Mon ,15/12/2014 by admin

A situation that often arises at the races is a race that offers a horse that seems to be a logical choice in one of the first two races. It may be a juvenile that stands out above the rest or a horse that has just won in spectacular fashion. These situations help to stimulate betting on the double. Unfortunately, those horses often go off at low odds and pay little to win. The question that the smart horseplayer then asks is, How do I make money with this horse?

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Horse Racing Distance Switches and Turf to Dirt

     Posted on Mon ,15/12/2014 by admin

Because there are so many variables in horse racing handicapping it is often difficult to size up a race and come to a conclusion about the real chance of each horse winning. When that happens it is often best to just skip the race and move on the next in your quest for a winning bet. One of the most puzzling situations occurs when a young horse races at a new distance or on a new surface. If the change is a new one and represents a situation that the horse hasn’t encountered in the past the logical step is to look at its breeding.

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Horse Racing Angles and Handicapping Tips For Best Bets

     Posted on Sat ,13/12/2014 by admin

The best bets you can find always have an angle or handicapping factor that supports them. Somehow, however, they manage to slip below the radar and the betting public lets such horses go to post at good odds. These best bets are seldom a favorite. In fact, when you find an angle that is so good it usually means that the favorite is a bad bet. One way to find a good bet is to find a false favorite and that’s pretty common knowledge but the races with a false favorite and a good angle horse are the situations that horse players spend hours looking for.

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Horse Racing: How To Make A Profit In Racing

     Posted on Thu ,11/12/2014 by admin

When you’re out to make money in racing you must first do several things. (1) know how much money is there in the first place in each bet type. (2) how much must be invested in ticket prices as a whole to make a profit. (3) know if a profit can even be made over months and years. (4) know the exact amount you must spend to make a profit. (5) know what methods you’re going to use to predict the outcome of races. (6) know the strengths and weaknesses of those methods inside and outside statistically. (7) learn how to calculate the price you need for each and every ticket. (8) pick only 1-3 tracks to play forever because it’s hard enough to play one track with its complexities.

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Horse Racing: The Secret Of The Power And The Limitations Of Handicapping

     Posted on Mon ,08/12/2014 by admin

Most players think and feel that handicapping’s all that’s needed in racing. It seems to cover everything but it doesn’t. The fact is that it’s only one half of the game because racing’s made of two main halves: handicapping (the racing contest part) and profitcapping (the money part). Both are statistically oriented because racing’s a statistical game and this means handicapping has its limits. Specifically: handicapping is the means, methods, factors, systems, statistical methods to find the methods and ways to predict, determine, forecast and project the outcome of the order of finish positions of races over days, weeks, months, years and has nothing to do with money. It’s simply the predicting of the outcome of equine contests (horse races). In other words handicapping is very powerful but it’s limited to one half of racing.

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Australian Horseracing: A Broad Overview of the Horseracing World in Australia: Part 1

     Posted on Fri ,05/12/2014 by admin

Learn about the broad structure of the Australian horse racing world with this introduction. You will learn the difference between the three main types of tracks: metropolitan, provincial and country tracks and when they race. You will learn the names of the better tracks and in which states they are situated.

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Horse Racing: How To Invest In Racing Instead Of Gamble

     Posted on Mon ,01/12/2014 by admin

All gambling is investing but not all investing is gambling. To gamble is to have a non-business outlook on the investment. To business invest is to have a business outlook on the investment. When you business invest you have a reasonable grasp of what you’re doing. Gambling proves that you can’t see how to profit from an endeavor so you’re taking a much larger risk. To business invest is to have a 51%-100% chance of profiting and you know it. Gambling is to have a 0%-49% chance of profiting and you don’t know it and you still take the risk. In racing you must learn how to business invest and never gamble. You can predict a thing alone but it takes two or more persons to make a bet. When you put a wager on the bet you’re gambling.

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Horse Racing: The Secret Of The Main Difficulty Of Racing

     Posted on Mon ,24/11/2014 by admin

What’s the main difficulty with racing? Is it too complex? Or is It that there’s no way to make an extra dollar? Too many opinions on the subject? Is it that there’s no method or system that will get the job done of getting the winning horses every time? It simply takes too much money to play? Or is it that you’ve spent years searching for the key methods, systems, means and ways that’ll do it all and haven’t found them? Is there a way to make a dollar? So you have a lot of questions and few to no answers. Why is racing so difficult? Racing wasn’t invented a few years ago and it wasn’t put together by one person. The main overriding difficulty with racing is: the player’s frame of mind.

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