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The Van Der Wheil Method

     Posted on Fri ,09/10/2015 by admin

Che Van Der Wheil (VDW) was a genius in the 1970’s who devised a method to narrow down the field of runners in a horse race and thus find the winner of a race with more frequency. In a nutshell the Van Der Wheil method used: Horse’s Ability To Win; Consistency (Horse placings); Class; Ratings. Only when all the boxes were ticked was a bet placed. He was a legend in horse racing and has contributed so much to racing!

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Horse Racing: The Secret Of Ranking Horses

     Posted on Mon ,05/10/2015 by admin

Whenever you’re handicapping you’re choosing horses that you believe are the first best, second best, third best, etcetera for the wager type(s) you’ve chosen to play. When you do this you’re ranking horses. This is based on their comparative abilities and in the process you’re creating a line up. This is how all line ups are produced including the morning line or track program. Knowingly or unknowingly all players when handicapping are ranking horses and there are two ways to rank horses. (1) per each race one by one. (2) statistical sampling of 100’s or 1,000’s of races over a 3-10 years period which is an aspect of advanced statistical handicapping or the highest form and level of handicapping.

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Betting On Horse Racing – Know Your Bankroll Limits

     Posted on Mon ,28/09/2015 by admin

It’s estimated that only 3% of all horse race gamblers make money. The rest of them continuously lose money week in, week out. If you want to win at the race track, you must understand the limits of your bankroll.

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Horse Racing: The Ultimate Secret Of Racing Is: Field Size

     Posted on Mon ,28/09/2015 by admin

Many players look to form, class, speed, pace and many other factors to determine the outcome of races. All of these are good and fine but the factor that’s in the top two of the most powerful in racing is: FIELD SIZE. This is for both profitcapping (the predicting of profit or return on investment in racing) and handicapping ( the predicting of the order of finish of races). Because field size is the telling factor when done statistically that lets the player know what the true money amounts are over years (profitcapping) and what the win and lose patterns are, what the rank percent win abilities are and much more on the handicapping side of the game.

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Horse Racing: Handicapping, Profitcapping And Old Things Seen In New Ways

     Posted on Fri ,18/09/2015 by admin

Handicapping, advanced, intermediate and is there anything new in racing? Only old things seen in a new way. There’s large amounts of information about racing in public. What do you believe you need to make money? What is it you think hasn’t been put in the public domain yet that you’re searching for? Does every book, video and website seem to be overly repetitive? Is there something about handicapping that hasn’t been said or written yet? Is someone keeping valuable profit making information from you and the public? I have news for you: everything to make money in racing is already in the public domain. The thing is can you recognize it when you see it?

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Horse Racing: Handicapping – Advanced Statistical Handicapping And Why Study Racing Statistically

     Posted on Fri ,11/09/2015 by admin

The first thing all players must grasp is that: racing’s a statistical game. When a player uses the daily racing form or racing digest he or she is using statistics because that’s what this newspaper is. Those who don’t recognize statistics or trivialize it are the many people who lose their money in the game by the tens of thousands. Everything about racing spells statistics and its not complex but the basic simple form of it. Racing’s made of two parts: the money part and the racing part. Both are basic statistically oriented and this can give the player a 3-10 years general future forecast of the game.

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Horse Racing: The Secret Of Why There’s No Magic System Or Magic Method In Racing

     Posted on Tue ,08/09/2015 by admin

Racing’s complex and there’s – no – one way or one method or system that works 100% of the time on every race to make a profit. It doesn’t exists and yet players by the tens of thousands are endeavoring to find it. No one thing does everything in racing and looking for a one size fit all handicapping method is a sure way to waste time and money. There’s no magic method or system in the game. Only specific things work in specific ways for specific aspects of racing. There’s no magic to this and no magic in racing to make money. The closest thing to magic is to understand that racing’s made of two main parts: profitcapping and handicapping and to study each one in depth.

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Horse Racing: Profitcapping – Why Study The Money Making Side Of The Game

     Posted on Wed ,02/09/2015 by admin

Profitcapping – why study the making money side of racing? If the player wants to make money then studying the profit or return on investment business side of racing is mandatory. It’s not complex but must be done. The profit and return on investment side of racing is called profitcapping. Most players concentrate their energies on handicapping which is the racing side or picking and selecting specific horses side of the game without giving a second thought to the money side. But the money making side needs just as much attention as the racing side. Ask yourself: why am I playing the horses? The main answer will be: to make money.

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Horse Racing: How To Find False Favorites And Remove Them – Part 2

     Posted on Tue ,25/08/2015 by admin

A few points on finding false favorites were given in part one and should be helpful to all players at all levels to some degree. So which are the true favorites and which are the false favorites so as to get the winning horse more? If the player has enough money to play the horses rightly then using the – ALL – button can be used selectively. Then searching and finding the false favorite helps the player win more and profit more. This is a very powerful method and is in fact one of the most powerful in racing. This can be learned in profitcapping which shows how to use the – ALL – button selectively when needed. A few more points on finding the false favorites will be given here.

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Horse Racing: Laying Horses – A Few Points About The Game

     Posted on Mon ,24/08/2015 by admin

To lay a horse means to wager on the horse to lose while others will wager on the same horse to win. Some things in racing work while about 97%-98% of most things don’t. This is the reason people don’t make money in the game and why it takes years to find out what in fact does work. So only a few points will be given here for laying horses. The same goes for laying horses: most things don’t work and only a handful of things does.

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