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Horse Racing: How To Grasp The Basic Rules Of Winning

     Posted on Fri ,24/04/2015 by admin

There are about 5-8 rules to make your probability of winning greater in racing. These rules are simple and almost trivial seeming but they’re not trivial by any measurement. Once each is understood in depth then the player has a more firm grasp of the game. There aren’t many shortcuts to profits in racing because it takes smart work to make that extra dollar and lots of smart work. Look closely at these few rules of winning and you’ll see many things you can do to refine your skills.

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Horse Racing: How To Grasp That Return On Investment Or Profit Is Simple

     Posted on Mon ,20/04/2015 by admin

How to grasp that Return On Investment (ROI) or profit is simple is just that: simple. The main purpose of racing is to make extra money. ROI is to tell if you’ve profited in a round about way. But in the end its simple. A highly simplified example: lets say you like playing superfectas and you’ve found that 8-12 field sizes in a three years period of time gives $4,000,000. You intend to use flat rate amounts per ticket price and each flat rate is different for each field size. When all ticket price amounts are summed as a unit for those three years it comes to $2,000,000.

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Charter Your Way to The Kentucky Derby

     Posted on Thu ,16/04/2015 by admin

The Kentucky Derby is a sporting spectacle that is steeped with tradition and grandeur. Chartering a jet to get you there makes the experience all the more exciting.

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Horse Racing: Fixing Horse Races And Corruption

     Posted on Mon ,13/04/2015 by admin

Can races be fixed? Yes. Have they been fixed? Yes. Are they being fixed? Yes. Everyday. By who? trainers, jockeys, gangsters, big gamblers, owners and you name it. There are ways to fix races even today even though it’s difficult. There are two general ways to fix a race. (a) drugs. (b) backroom deals. A few shall be noted here. Players rarely consider race fixing. Over all racing’s pretty legit or about 96% over all. But it’s the approximate 4% that’s trouble. The percent is small but the negative to the sport is big. This goes for legal and illegal corruption. Both are used to fix horses and fix races. What’s one of the main reasons for fixing races? GREED. Plain and simple. If there’s large amounts of money to be made then there’s greed and race fixing.

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Horse Racing: How To Handicap The – Physicality – Of Horses Part 2

     Posted on Mon ,06/04/2015 by admin

Trainers use one of the strongest stand alone factors in the game and that’s: PHYSICALITY. Because its the most recent and is evaluated within 5-20 minutes before the beginning of the race. Class, form, pace, trip, speed, etc. took place days or weeks ago. They’re still powerful and need to be considered when and where appropriate. Simply remember that – no one thing is 100% efficient. In the pre-race which is in the paddock and on the track while slow galloping towards the starting gate is where the horses are analyzed and evaluated. 85%-90% of horses that win races are in good sound physical and winning confident happy mental condition regardless of odds, class, form, pace, etc. Horses show signs that the player must learn to read well of both positive and negative types.

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Horse Racing: How To Handicap The Physicality Of Horses Part 1

     Posted on Mon ,06/04/2015 by admin

A player can handicap a race by class, form, trip, etc. but these are factors that deal with things that happened days or weeks ago and the most recent thing is – physicality – which the player assesses within 5-20 minutes of today’s race because the physical and mental condition of health of the horse is everything. 85% – 90% of horses that win are in good sound condition and wins regardless of odds and a horse that wants to race and feels good is different from a horse that is lethargic and don’t want to run. Horses show signs of wanting to or not wanting to win. The player must come to the track or check the simulcast TV’s 5-20 minutes before each race played. Physicality is in the top 3 of the most powerful stand alone factors in racing.

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Horse Racing: How To Grasp The Basics Of Lays: Over, Under And Even

     Posted on Thu ,26/03/2015 by admin

There are three types of lays: over-lays, under-lays and even-lays. An over-lay is when you the player feel that the horse that has been evaluated using your handicapping and profitcapping has a higher chance of winning than the public thinks and feels it does. An under-lay is when you think or feel the horse has less chances of winning than the public does. An even-lay is when you and the public equally agree on a horse’s chances of winning. A bona fide over-lay is where potential profit can be made and so at every chance seek out over-lays for money value. An even-lay is second best because it has more profit potential than an under-lay.

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Horse Racing: Secret Of Experts, Professionals, Investors And Authorities In Racing

     Posted on Tue ,24/03/2015 by admin

Who’s making money in racing? The experts? The professionals? Those with fool proof methods? The authorities in the game? The illegal race fixers? Or just the plain lucky? Who? I’ll tell you who: 96% by just plain luck and about 4% by design. That’s who. You have to work hard to get to know what they know so you can incorporate it into your playing. What do they know? Does racing even have a design? People who make money know two general things that most don’t: how handicapping works and how money works. Most players think they know but they don’t know but can know because its possible to know.

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Horse Racing: Making Money In Racing Starting From Scratch

     Posted on Sat ,21/03/2015 by admin

There are two general ways in racing to make money: by luck or by design. You can’t control money making using luck because you don’t know when its coming. It’s a now and then thing without the ability to predict things. If done by design you have a large percent level of control and so it depends on how much money you’re out to make. Will it be in the thousands or the millions of dollars or just enough to get by that you want? How much money do you have in your bankroll to start with? What wager type(s) have you chosen to play forever? What field size(s) have you chosen to play forever? This and several other major questions need to be answered by you – the player.

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Horse Racing: How To Make Sure A Racing System Really Works

     Posted on Wed ,18/03/2015 by admin

There are several things that can be tried to make sure a handicap racing method or system and a profitcap return on investment method really works. The first: for handicapping it is to make sure your system predicts the order of finish positions correctly to a high percent in the right races which must be chosen carefully so you can secondly: to use profitcapping to predict the in the money positions for return on investment or profit capacity. In each case you get the necessary horse(s) or you don’t and you make a profit or you don’t. That’s the bottom line if ever there was a bottom line.

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