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Be A Part of the Rich Man’s Sport – Buy a Share in Horseracing

     Posted on Wed ,22/07/2015 by admin

For most of the people, being a part of luxury sporting activities like Horseracing is always a dream. But the concerns over its expense and management set most of them back, is it really a rich man’s sport or there are ways to get yourself engaged with horseracing? Even if you manage to indulge yourself in this risky business, there are always chances of your horse getting injured, under training, or unable to race.

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Horse Racing: How To Bet On Horses

     Posted on Tue ,21/07/2015 by admin

There are many ways to wager on horses starting from straight bets to parlays to betting on lays. Yet the simplest way is the strongest way. To do straight bets the players must understand why it’s the strongest way compared to the others. What it boils down to is simplicity and you either get the horse or you don’t. Nothing chances that and making simple straight wagers is direct and to the point. so how to bet on horses isn’t all that complicated.

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Horse Racing: How To Have A Horse Betting And Handicapping Strategy

     Posted on Tue ,14/07/2015 by admin

A player must have a horse betting and handicapping strategy from beginning to end. This is to be seen, known clearly, written out, simplified, flexible and achievable. There shouldn’t be anything in the strategy of which the player can’t do. This strategy includes (but isn’t limited to) knowledge of: ticket formats, potential profit, ticket probability, price, pass or play, money management, ranking horses and creating handicapping odds. A strategy includes a flexible but steady plan for both major parts of racing which are: handicapping and profitcapping.

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Horse Racing: The Secret Of Different Types Of Odds In Racing

     Posted on Mon ,13/07/2015 by admin

There are two main types of odds: money oriented odds to make a profit and odds which indicates a horse’s abilities. But there are a few other types that are sub-types of these two types. Such as: morning line, calibration, unit, last allowed odds, daily racing form consensus, newspaper, online companies and handicap. Each one of these is useful in their own place and at the right time. A player can make his or her own odds or use other peoples. In the end odds have two purposes: money to make a profit and gauging a horse’s abilities.

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Horse Racing: The Secret Of Searching For What Works In Racing

     Posted on Wed ,08/07/2015 by admin

Things in racing such as factors, angles, systems and methods work to different degrees in racing and some things work much better than others. Almost everyone is looking for what works the best for different specific conditions and situations. There are many variables in the game and finding what works best for every particular thing to make money takes time. No one thing is 100% efficient for all aspects of racing in all situations. Even though there are generally effective methods for the game as a whole and there are a few things that works with only a few ways to learn those things.

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Horse Racing: Winning By Design And Not Luck And The Illusion Of Easy Money In Racing

     Posted on Fri ,26/06/2015 by admin

There are two ways to make money in racing: (1) by luck. (2) by design. The majority of players make money by luck or not at all. To make money by design is difficult and precision must be used at every step to do so. The game is purposely made complex and difficult by the track administrators and race designers to keep racing as a business going. It’s already hard and complex without their help. To profit by design takes work and know how that can take years to learn under almost all circumstances. Outside of just plain luck making easy money in racing is an illusion.

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Horse Racing: The Secret Of The Two General Ways To Handicap Races

     Posted on Thu ,18/06/2015 by admin

There are two general ways to handicap races: (1) each race one by one individually and personally. Each one is handicapped with concentration on each internal aspect and it’s then decided whether or not to pass or play that specific race. (2) Statistically: you learn by sampling 100’s to 10’s of 1,000’s of races to find the patterns to win or lose streaks and find the most powerful handicapping method(s) per each field size, per each order of finish position, per each wager type chosen, per each race type (optional), etc. This way the handicapper misses as little as possible.

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What Does It Really Take to Be a Successful Handicapper and Horseplayer

     Posted on Mon ,15/06/2015 by admin

Sooner or later all horseplayers ask themselves one question. Does anyone really make money playing the horses? By that we mean a steady profit and staying ahead for the long term. You may know someone who seems to make a profit. He or she brags about big hits and whenever you’ve seen that person at the race track or OTB they seem to be winning. However, there’s that nagging doubt that though he or she seems to be hitting a lot, you wonder how much he or she is wagering.

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What Part Does Intuition Play In Horse Racing Handicapping

     Posted on Mon ,15/06/2015 by admin

We’ve all seen the ads with 800 numbers and 900 numbers for psychics who can tell your future and solve your problems. Makes you wonder why these clairvoyant don’t just play the lottery, doesn’t it? The truth is that it’s very difficult to predict the future and make a profit from it. On the other hand, that’s just what handicappers do when they handicap horse races. Who wouldn’t want to be a psychic handicapper and just look into a crystal ball or read Taro cards to find the winner of the next race?

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How to Find the Best Horse Racing Bet Using the Pools

     Posted on Thu ,11/06/2015 by admin

A good horse player has to be a good shopper to make a profit betting on horses. It isn’t enough to be able to handicap a race and to determine who the contenders are. The person who would make money betting on horse races must also understand odds and probability. You may also add money management skills to that short list of necessary skills for the handicapper that manages to beat the races.

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